Asking the Right Question, Spotlight Interviews at Lightspeed Magazine

Originally posted on LinkedIn. TLDR, I’ve interviewed a bunch of nifty people, including Ursula K. LeGuin who was gracious and delightful, go read them.

Photograph of Ursula K. LeGuin by K. Kendall on Flickr
Photograph of Ursula K. LeGuin by K. Kendall on Flickr

I have the ongoing pleasure of writing the interview questions for Lightspeed’s Author Spotlights. For each set of questions I read the text, then spend several hours researching the author, then I go back to the text and look at it with an eye informed by more detailed knowledge of the author.

I try to imagine what they like, what they’re tired of and create opportunities for them to express themselves in new ways. I look for unexpected cracks where the light can shine through and spaces to share joy. I think about how they might see the world and how they would like it to be different. I love it because it is an intense act of listening to create a space where the author has voice.

All my interviews are collated in a neat bundle (including Ursula K. LeGuin!) over on Lightspeed’s website if you would like to check them out.

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