Which Uncanny stories do you love? Psst, you can make up your mind now and one of them could be a story of mine!

To celebrate 2015, Uncanny Magazine is holding a readers poll from January 11 to January 25. You can vote for your favorite stories and let the magazine and the authors know what you think was rad.

The Sisters Line” by Kenneth Schneyer and I just so happens to be one of the stories you can vote for! It has a train, weird letters, a small child who only does things starting with the letter B, transformation, and melancholeric baked bean eating. What more could you want?

You want an interview between Deborah Stanish, Ken Schneyer and I? Where I wrote the answers at 2am in a fever dream? YOU GOT IT!

Check it out, enjoy the stories, enjoy Uncanny’s fab podcast (when I grow up I want to interview like a cross between the daring Deborah Stanish and enough rope Andrew Denton).

… And voting would be totally smashing.

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