Artist search over (for now)

Artist search over (for now)

Hi all, this month’s artist search has come to an end. I am not sure when the next one will occur, but there probably will be on in the future. Here are some tips based submissions I got (so you can start get cracking on  samples and other comics to be ready should opportunity arise).

In terms of getting over the line things I will be looking for in pencilers will be:

  • strong technical skills, good proportions, perspective etc
  • faces faces faces faces… good facial expressions, proportion, variety of people, variety of ages. There are books of people showing different emotions out there, have the best emotional vocabulary you can.
  • tight clean pencils
  • detailed backgrounds
  • good panel composition
  • talking scenes, not just action scenes


  • rich colours
  • detailed backgrounds and textures
  • successful applicants generally show skills smoothly combining photo references into their work rather than just flat planes

Happy holidays… next post I shall rave about musicals, education and other exciting things.

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