Pro paying comics gig – Pencillers only

Pro paying comics gig – Pencillers only

Hi all I hope your projects are going well. Life is pretty hectic on planet Liz, hectic but happy.

I am once again talent scouting for an educational comics company, pencillers only this time round. If you have sent stuff to me previously keep drawing, but please don’t submit to this round. My client does not want to see any names he has seen before.

Style must be DC/Marvel realistic, tight clean pencils that can go straight from pencils to colour. Must be professional quality (of the two that got through last time both have done pro work for major players). Must be able to commit to doing 24 pages over a reasonable period. Must be able to work from photographic references and depict people from diverse backgrounds. Must follow artistic direction well, there will be a lot of corrections at storyboarding stage (storyboarding is paid for).

Please pass on to anyone who might be interested.

Submission info:
Please do not attach samples of artwork, send relevant url that shows your mighty awesomeness. As a general note please don’t make your website so wanky I do not know which links to click or have to click through outdated stuff you did in primary school before I get to the good stuff.

Final decision on who gets gigs will not be made by me. If I think your stuff has potential I will pass it on to the man who makes the decisions. Depending on the number of submissions I may be slow to respond. Follow up e-mails to see how things are going are fine.
Tips on what I’m looking for here:


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