The year that was

The year that was

So where on earth did this year go? It feels like it has been a fairly slow year in terms of generating new creative content, but I think I’ve done ok. This year seems to have been the year of actually getting out there and talking to people about my work. As an end of year reflection and evaluation this post will be dot points of things done and then in later posts I shall reflect on what I learnt and got out of different experiences.

  • Managed Warehouse Circus for 6 months
  • Freelance creator, project manager and educator, and breaking even! A lot of this was through my work in educational comics
  • In terms of educational comics, conducted two major artist searches and worked on eight projects, engaging with issues ranging from safe sex, drug use, sustainable hunting and land management practices and support for starting or managing your business.
  • Wrote a musical with Michael Sollis, Comicbook Opera
  • Attended Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Conference, Emerging Writers Festival, ACT Writers Festival, Comicon, Worldcon and Conflux
  • Attending Comicon and Worldcon meant a month in the USA and has inspired me to return to that far shore (supported by a grant from ArtsACT).
  • Was co-mc at Conflux, ran a workshop on the comics industry and during the Great Debate smooshed a cream pie into Gillian Polack’s face!
  • Wrote some articles for
  • The Making of the Scientist, comic & essay published in December Meanjin
  • I carry you in my heart (comic) published in Ronin Illustrated 3
  • Snake Skins (comic) reprinted in lip issue 11
  • Songs Dreams and Nightmares, a collection of my works printed and warmly received, only a dozen left and considering a reprint.
  • Found a lovely artist to collaborate with on The Long Road a gritty urban fantasy
  • Was a guest teacher for an Open Arts program which was thoroughly enjoyable (thanks Gillian!)
  • Reworked my website and got my very own domain!
  • Co-wrote and ran The Group, a Triptych for Phenomenon Roleplaying Convention
  • Increased the number of submissions and query letters I sent to publishers (although this needs to be increased further next year)
  • Had time to enjoy life on multiple occasions (although mostly in the second half of the year)
  • Resumed regular work as a life model! A joyful, integrating form of ephemeral performance art and inspiration. I discovered I enjoy work outside the house as too much time hunched over the laptop freelancing gets a bit lonely and bad for the back.
  • Started casual work at the new National Portrait Gallery Bookstore, for similar reasons as above, with less nudity and art theory and more shelving beautiful beautiful books and getting new insights into the publishing industry. I love my colleagues and I love that I get to work with books. I enjoy having a mixed model of employment. The casual work provides me with enough for a safety net and takes the edge off lean times, but keeps me hungry and motivated.

I think that’s it in very broad strokes!

I hope you all have a lovely festive season and new year

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