Clarion Writers Workshop is delicious

Clarion Writers Workshop is delicious

I’ve updated my MEGA archive of DOOM with reflections from the class of 2010 Dallas Taylor, Gregory Norman Bossert, John Chu and Tom Undeberg.

My dear writer friends, applications for Clarion Writers’ Workshop opened in December 1st 2010 and will stay open until March 1st.

It’s held at UC San Diego June 26 – August 6, 2011. Instructors are Nina Kiriki Hoffman, John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear, David Anthony Durham, John Kessel and Kij Johnson.

Meeting up with one of my instructors Robert Crais at a book signing - January 2011

In 2009 I went. And it’s still paying dividends. Parts of the experience still make me squee with joy. When I know I’m going to see one of my classmates or instructors I start grinning like a maniac and clapping my hands. I’ve seen a new group come through 2010 taking away our baby graduate status (now I guess we’re toddlers) and the 2010 grads I’ve met are a rockin’ bunch of people. It’s exciting to be part of a new generation of writers, our generation of writers all amorphous in age, but trying to find a place in a world packed full of so much STUFF. You don’t have to go to Clarion to be part of that cohort, but I know it sure as hell helped me grow as a writer and it’s a great way to get to know more of your community.

Hugs all

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