Music and static poetry

Music and static poetry

Music, Things and poetry news.

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Musical challenge complete!

I have written a love song to a baked good, or more precisely a Lament for Pie. The lament ended up getting a lengthy introduction as I decided to write the synopsis for an over the top  musical about food. And wow! That sparked imaginations.

Jeffrey has been inspired to write the opening number of the musical and EJ read the lyrics and got the song stuck in her head. She was earwormed by a song she had never heard! She read the lyrics and spontaneously made up her own addictive tune.

As you can imagine I thought this was all sorts of wonderful and asked EJ if she could record her version of the song and send it to me. You can now listen to both versions on the Lament for Pie page, although you’re welcome to not listen and send me your recording of what you think it should sound like.

The Things like you

Things without arms and without legs

I exploded with a bunch of Things comics last week. 42 of 130 comics complete, only 88 to go. I haven’t drawn as much this week, I’ve been making good progress on a new novel and submitting short stories to publishers. What’s with that? I have some drawings that need to be turned into animated giffs, but technology and I continue to argue. One of the reasons I am drawing on the iPad is because I don’t have access to a scanner or a computer set up to manipulate graphics. Hopefully I will overcome these technological hurdles soon. I also need to update the archives page. Does the archives page work for you in its current format? Let me know if it doesn’t.

Casanova Clay – coming to theaters near you on Tuesday!

My poem will be appearing in Apex Magazine on Tuesday, not late 2013! I am excited. They’ve also changed the layout of their website and I keep clicking the rotatey image bit at the top of the page. I get to see pretty art and the names of authors I like go round and round.

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