Machine of Death, Dear Ms Moon & Bunny Feelings!

Machine of Death, Dear Ms Moon & Bunny Feelings!

Machine of Death in French

Machine of Death

Machine of Death 2 will be launched at Comicon next year, but right now I’m even more excited about the French translation of Machine of Death. If you go to the French website they have a working MOD Machine. It’s kinda awesome. I think you get to pick the category of death you are told and I think I chose silly death… or on fire. My French consists of counting to 20 and listening to Geek Girls Rule when she says it’s La Revolution, not Le Revolution.

Google translate tells me “You will die like the man in Alaska who amused himself throwing a stick of dynamite that his dog, well trained, hastened to tell him.”

How did it know?! :-) Check out La Machine à écrire la mort and if you want to share your fortune cookie in the comments that would be super dooper awesome.

Dear Ms Moon – On the Stage in Portland in JANUARY!!!

Dear Ms. Moon” is one of my favorite stories to read out loud for people and now it is going to be brought to life as a staged reading for Pulp Diction 4, part of the Fertile Ground 2013 Festival of New Work.

Yesterday I spoke to Director Sarah Peters about her vision for “Dear Ms Moon” and she sounds like an amazing lass bubbling with ideas. It’s always cool chatting to someone who is creatively brilliant in ways so different to mine. So much of my process is about doubt and listening and feeling with my body, stripping it down, closing my eyes and listening for the resonant note. Sarah (from what I know so far) is a dynamo, is “I read your story and I saw all these things and had all these ideas and boom!” which is the best thing to hear from a reader and an essential skill in a director. I don’t know what this performance will be like. My experience of collaboration inclines me to believe it will be beyond my anything I could imagine, radically different to what I envisage and wonderful. I trust her to honor the characters and I’m so curious. I’m sure I will learn things about my own text when it comes to life – and that is one of the gifts of collaboration.

Bunny Feelings

I have created over 50 comics over at Things Without Arms and Without Legs! 50!! That is a nice round number and thank you everyone who’s been reading, sharing, liking and commenting. It’s a fun, challenging, sometimes scary, cuddly, kind, stretching, peaceful process that reminds me to breathe more often than not. And my superficial self, or with kinder words my self that likes to be of service and likes to be heard, feels little thrills of delight when the page hits go up and makes me more determined to keep this thing going and feel like I’m doing something good.

My Things website is the opposite SEO optimized, I keep forgetting to put typed words on the page, but the good thing about this is that it’s only been really nice search terms that find my site. My number 1 search term (at a whopping 7 searches over this history of the site), “Jokes about Art.” The only search term that has hit my site in the last two days? “Bunny Feelings.”

Bunny Feelings! I love that someone was searching for information about bunny feelings (and they are sensitive souls who can experience a lot of social anxiety). I love that their search took them to a bunny that hangs out in a shoe and enjoys a friendly rivalry with a sock.

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