Strange Horizons and Things

Strange Horizons and Things

Strange Horizons are a terrific online magazine who published my story The Rugged Track, a rollerderby fairytale. Their staff are volunteers with a professional attitude and they pay their fiction writers professional rates.

To continue as a non profit magazine that pushes the awesome, actively encourages diversity, values creators, and brings to the world some of my favorite fiction they have to raise funds.

October is the month of give Strange Horizons some money and you go into the draw to win nifty prizes. You could win a book from Mary Robinette Kowal… THE ONE THAT HASN’T COME OUT YET!… not that I’m excited about her latest book. In the listing there’s cool art, books by new and established authors and new prizes added to the long list every week.

Today's Things comic
You will also go in the draw to get your very own letter from Things Without Arms and Legs! The winner of this prize can pick a topic to inspire the Things to write a letter: to a specific person, or perhaps to a category of person. A letter like this, or perhaps entirely different.

You want to tell your Mum/Mom or Best Friend how great they are? This might be the perfect letter. You want to send a big love letter to zoo keepers or zebras, the Things can do that too :-)

So go to, go to! I hope you win a nifty prize. The Things don’t often write letters, so this will be a rare thing.

Strange Horizons is a registered 501(3c) non profit, so yes, your monies will also be tax deductible.

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