Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I think this photo was taking a third of my life ago o_O... possibly longer, but I think silver makes you look younger.

Things Without Arms and Without Legs share their experience of me aging. Boom

If you like webcomics, a fantastic ego boosting present for me is to subscribe (free) to my Things comic over on Comic Rocket. While you’re there you can subscribe to other webcomics you love and never lose your place again :-).

Over at Horrific Miscue you can see all the March publication radness of my group (and it’s very nice indeed to have your work called “haunting and deeply satisfying.”

For my birthday I’m going to do chores, try to write/draw and maybe go to a Russian Spa (it costs $20 on your birthday) before going to Rat City’s Fit Skate.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. That pic was from Star Trek TOG :) I remember painting you up for it. 11-12 years would be about right, especially given Mark and I are coming up to 13 years together this June.

    Happy Birthday Lillabet <3

  2. Possibly the happiest looking Borg ever. Possibly the happiest that character ever looked!!

    And wow, 13 years! It’s funny, TOG in my mind is pre-Mark of the Pixie, but that game did run many years. I think I was 16 when it began o_O

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