Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop

Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop

oop! I wrote this update last week. Then I got all shy and forgot about it!

I’m going to Launch Pad!

Launch Pad is an esteemed astronomy workshop run out of the University of Wyoming that gives writers and editors intensive immersion into the world of astronomy as well as hands on experience at an observatory. Writers and editors that I admire have attended the workshop and all have sung its praises.

I first applied to Launch Pad in 2010, a freshly minted Clarion Graduate who had just started work on an overly ambitious first contact novel. I didn’t get in that time, but try out early, try out often! I got in this time. My body of work has grown since my first application. The ambitious novel is complete (although I’m sure I could edit it forever) and I’m trying to figure out what marathon to run next.

I’m so excited by this opportunity. I thrive in intensive learning environments. I love being around people who are passionate about what they do.  I love going into dark country and seeing the stars in ways you just can’t in a city or town.

I’m super excited… who knows, maybe I can get there by train!

photo from flickr by Conrad Petzsch-Kunze

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