Comic Mix Madness Round 1!

Comic Mix Madness Round 1!

The short version:
Things Without Arms and Without Legs made it into Comix Mix Madness Round 1. You can vote for them along with all your other favorite comics. Round One Vote. You have until Wednesday (timezone unstated, but probably midnight East Coast American) to vote.

If you’re like me and easily baffled know that the brackets show who you’re trying to get more votes than to get into the next round, but the actual voting thing is at the bottom of the page and a big list of names. This list seems to be by bracket rather than alphabetical so searching the page for your faves might help! You can buy extra comics by donating money to the worthy cause the Hero Initiative at 20 cents a vote!

The long version:
As you may have gathered I am rather caught up moving house right now. Things have been pretty hectic, physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted moving to a new place (which is spiffy and exciting). In the middle of the move I heard that we’d been short listed for this cool tournament. It’s uncomfortable to get in people’s faces and ask them to support you, but the possibility of just being in a competition with comics that have mused me for over a decade was too exciting to ignore.

I asked folks and in my rush I thought the cutoff was noon Eastern, not midnight. I thought phew! Looking at the voting it’s pretty clear I got in with 5 minutes past noon and went back to packing.

There is nothing that has a noon cut off! What was I thinking? Later that evening I went to check the website, a tricky thing as internet has been buggy during our move and my laptop REALLY doesn’t like the Comic Mix website. I saw that voting had continued substantially and the late surge had taken my comic from a respectable 90th to something that (according to my sleep deprived counting) was two or so places from getting into the tournament!

Oh no melon! I felt bad, not reading things properly and not pushing through to the end. I felt like I had wasted the time of amazing and wonderful people who voted for me. I decided not to beat myself up, although I felt a little sad and quite silly. I’d had a really good learning experience, I’d seen awesome people come out in support of my comic. I’d sincerely hoped to get further through, but that’s what you get for not reading things properly etc and best wishes to those who got through. I checked the website a few times to see who did get through and so I could vote for my muses, but it was squeezed in amongst the packing and I struggled to find any new news.

I drew a comic inspired by that experience and my plan was to write a follow up blog post today, thanking everyone who helped me and what I learned (push through to the end, read things more carefully, how awesomesauce some people are).

The blog post has changed though, because when I finally got Comic Mix to load (all my internet is from my phone acting as an internet hotspot!) and behave and saw to my shock that I AM in Round One. I made it in!!! I am astounded and overjoyed!

Not only am I in ROUND ONE, I get to face off against chainsawsuit by Kris Straub! It’s a Machine of Death artist (and much more) vs a Machine of Death writer! Whose prediction card will reign supreme?

What a crazy couple of days. Now go vote for stuff wot you love ^_^


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