My website has been down for WEEKS, but I’ve finally got my wordpress update to install cleanly (I think everyone updating their websites after Heartbleed kind of wrecked my provider). I’m now pulling together a new theme for my site as my old theme became unreadable under the new version. Don’t be surprised if things move around and feedback is always welcome. So much has happened while my website has been down, I don’t know how I’ll now what I’ve been up to! Most importantly a new story of mine is available to read for free over at Apex Magazine. Falling Leaves is set in a potential future Australia the fascinates me. I know this story is in the same setting as A Study in Flesh and Mind. I have a sneaking suspicion that my unusual shape shifters (Shadow Play and A Shape For Her) also exist in this world.

Apex cover
I love Apex Magazine’s cover art. It’s perfect for the issue and my story.

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