I can’t vote. If you can, go do it.

I can’t vote. If you can, go do it.

I’ve been an alien long enough that I can’t vote in my homeland. I’m still an alien so I can’t vote in my adopted country. Throughout the world we’re seeing what a critical difference our elected leaders make and how grass roots activism can alter the priorities of politicians, can define what is news and what simply doesn’t get reported. We’ll always be pushing shit up hill, but better a hill that trying to survive shit being thrown down on us from a cliff top.

I can’t quite believe I got to be part of a roll out to vote promotion with a bunch of fricken amazing Rat City All Stars (who play their last big home game of the season on August 9, just sayin’), but life is weird and wonderful sometimes. Go to and vote. It’s an important voice to exercise and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not important.


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