Destroying Science Fiction

Destroying Science Fiction

The good people over at Lightspeed Magazine asked me to write an essay for them about my experience as a woman destroying science fiction. It’s part of a great kickstarter to celebrate and showcase female contributors to genre fiction put together by one of genre’s finest contemporary magazines.

I think my favorite moment writing this essay was realizing that Richard Pryor is the actor who showed me the magic of computer hacking (in Superman III, a movie that came out the year I was born!). He was the first hacker I ever saw on the screen and showed me that computers were cool. As someone who can be quite intelligent and goofball I really liked him and was a character I could relate to (although how far they pushed the bufoonery bothered me, I liked it best when we laughed with him).  We often forget the power of the obvious and surprising Lex Luthor with the utility of socks was something that has stuck with me.

So here’s my essay, I hope you enjoy it. I think I need to watch Superman III again, I don’t think I’ve seen it since I growed up!



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